Matt Bacon2022/01/22

Hooray Philly!

It’s Friday again and good news is here. Tickets are now on sale for the Philadelphia Flower Show at FDR Park. I attended the last indoor show back in 2020 and then the lockdown happened. The show was outside last year and will be again this year. I hope they are ready, because fully vaccinated people are going to be more brave which will likely lead to more…, well everything. More sales for the vendors, more refuse for disposal, and more enjoyment for the attendees. The Philadelphia Flower Show runs from Saturday, June 11th until Sunday, June 19th this year. There’s quite a bit to handle when planning an event this big and over a week long. 

Even on a project this large, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society did a splendid job addressing accessibility issues with enthusiasm. They have information about everything from the possibility of rain to links for renting mobility equipment at the show. It took me quite some time to read through every topic that they have on the subject. It shouldn’t take you so long to find what applies to your specific situation, but I kept seeing neat ideas to use at the farm. They even suggested better times for individuals who are hyper-sensitive and also love the flower displays. Maybe their site impresses me more because we are deep in the weeds of our own site design, but I truly applaud them for the work they’ve done on their site. Thanks PHS!

I’m going to provide some links here for you to see for yourself: 

New Stuff→

Accessibility page→

PA Horticultural Society→

Ticket info (BE AWARE of search engine results that may have questionable morals)→

Like Resiliency Farm, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society welcomes people from all backgrounds and abilities to come enjoy the scenery. Remember to stop and smell the lilies.


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