What is Care Farming?

Care Farms are farms designed to offer a therapeutic environment for a variety of individuals. By visiting or working on a Care Farm, you can learn about animal care; planting and nurturing flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables; and how to create and use sustainable systems that make the farm (and our world) a better place. In addition to the basic skills of farming and horticulture, you can also develop skills like collaborating and working with others while improving your physical health and sense of self-purpose.

Who can benefit from Care Farming?

We'd like to think that everyone can benefit from care farming, and anyone, young or old, is always welcome at Resiliency Farm. Our mission focuses on providing opportunities for a wide-range of ages and experience levels. We work with young children, adolescents, veterans, those with psychological problems or addictions, older adults with dementia, individuals with limited mobility, people with ADHD, autism, depression, anxiety or other mental health issues, and others looking to develop lifelong skills through a healthy and accessible outdoor environment.

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