Matt Bacon

Owner and founder of Resiliency Farm, Matt Bacon, is originally from York County, Pennsylvania, although he’s lived in Illinois, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, and other parts of Pennsylvania. Matt’s love of the outdoors started in his youth and he’s been working and playing in agriculture since the 1970s. He earned his B.S. in Kinesiology from Penn State, and also has an A.S. in Medical Laboratory Science. 

Matt served more than 12 years in the U.S. Army, and he was stationed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for three and a half years. While there, he interacted with patients who had diverse backgrounds and even more diverse injuries. He was greatly inspired by seeing the types of activities and adaptations that were used by the Wounded Warrior Project to keep people engaged, regardless of disability. Following his time there, Matt spent a little over seven years at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), during which time the Army implemented “Resiliency Training”, which is the inspiration behind the name for Resiliency Farm, which he founded in 2019.

You can find Matt on the farm, listening to country music (mostly the old stuff) and tending to all of our plants and animals.


Garden Apprentice Aksel was Resiliency Farm’s first payroll employee. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Aksel now lives in State College, Pennsylvania. Aksel usually works behind the scenes with plant preparation and animal care – he especially likes the bunnies, although is not a fan of holding them. While he prefers classical music to country music, he never complains if that’s what Matt’s got on the radio.


Volunteer Jake was introduced to Resiliency Farm in 2019 through the Acres Project in State College. An immensely positive and extremely hardworking person, Jake also helps out behind the scenes at the farm. Jake likes country music (especially Hank FM 96.1 and Big Foot Country Legends), and if you’ve been near a major US city, Jake can probably list some of his favorite radio stations from any of them. When not on the job, Jake enjoys cooking with propane (“taste the meat, not the heat”).

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