Poppy was a few years old when we got her in 2019. She’s had quite a few babies since then, but not near the number that she is capable of producing. She could raise around 8-10 babies every 2 months if she was allowed. Her babies have been black, sandy, and fawn, even though she is sandy and the buck, Flanders, is also sandy. Poppy has a narrow head and a huge dewlap under her chin that she pulls hair from to build her nests. She will also use paper, straw, hay, and woodchips to line the nest box. She’s much more comfortable in the winter than in the summer. For some reason, she doesn't like to drink from a water bottle, only from a bowl. She isn’t big for a Flemish Giant rabbit, but compared to most pet bunnies, she’s huge. Her weight fluctuates with the seasons, but averages about 15 pounds. When she’s out in the yard in the winter her belly will stick out on the sides when she hops. Her back feet are about the same length as an adult’s hand and tipped with sharp claws for defense. Her front feet are like T-rex arms, much smaller. Poppy and other rabbits LOVE to dig in the dirt. That’s how they use their front claws the most. She’s likely to have babies again this spring.

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